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Exception throw in native function

On 2004-07-08 suddenly I got the following error in DreamWeaver when copying and pasting arbitrary items within the application:

At line 77 of file 
"H:\WebWorks\Dreamweaver MX\Configuration\Shared\MM\Scripts\event.js":
exception throw in native function

Similar errors (with other line numbers in other script files) occurred when trying to save, change anything in code view etc. The paste error did not occur when pasting items copied outside of DreamWeaver (e.g. from TextPad).

I searched the web and found various variants of the "exception throw in native function", collected the ideas and put my own ones on top of the list:

  1. Starting Windows without inits.
  2. Switch off the firewall (ZoneAlarm) and the virus protection (Kaspersky).
  3. Checking Windows fixes. There was one concerning the JavaScript engine jscript.dll. This dll is not used by DreamWeaver.
  4. Corrupt site cache file in DW - recreate the site cache.
  5. Incompatible extension from dw3/4 - inactivate all DW-extensions.
  6. Somebody reported success with placing the source files onto the desktop, then working on them with DW and afterwards copying them back to the site-folder.

This last idea finally solved my problem

Everything was ok as long as no css file was attached to the html source. I could work as intended! As soon as I tried to attach the css file, DW delivered the infamous error message.

I inspected the css file, and voilà: Some application had removed a comment termination (*/) and hence the css definitions were damaged. After fixing this DreamWeaver again behaved!

I remember that the removal of the comment termination for the initial comment block had happened in the past years at least twice. I never found out 'who' that does! A restore operation from my backup revealed that the change of the css-file must have happened just the previous day (2004-07-07, 09:54:02).


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