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The famous Swiss Railway clock (Java applet).

If you do not have Java available, but JavaScript, you may be interested in the page of Rüdiger Appel: www.3quarks.com/en/Bahnhofsuhr/

This applet was designed and programmed for the Zurich Chamber of Commerce, who paid this development. Hence do not leave out the reference in the code to this page (see Calling the applet below)!

Zurich, CH Tehran, IR  
200 x 200 pix 50 x 50 pix Design principles by Hans Hilfiker. See also Wikipedia en and de
  • The second hand is red and has a red blob at it's end resembling the trowel of the station manager.
  • Hour hand thicker than minutes hand
  • Seconds hand moves continually through the circle within 58.5 seconds and stops for 1.5 seconds in the zenith.
  • The minute hand advances after the 1.5 seconds.
  • The marks for hours and minutes can be recognised at large distance.

This applet supports time zones and hence is universal for any web page. For best presentation freedom there is no text applied.

OK, there are already some pages and applets around:

… but all of these are not good for web pages, because they only show the time of the PC they are running on! With other words, they do not support time zones and Daylight Savings Time switching. The time you can read from these clocks is always your time and not that of the visited web site!

The applet presented here makes use of the Java feature "time zone"! See an application at the Zurich Chamber of Commerce.


The clock was programmed by Simon Gander in may 2009 according to the specifications of Klaus Daube. You may wish to visit Simon's (German) web site about a Experience railway station!.

Calling the applet

<applet code="uhr.Main" archive="../z_scripts/Uhr.jar" width="200" height="200">
<param name="timezone" value="America/Los_Angeles" />
<param name="information" value="http://daube.ch/share/web03.html" />
Parameter Meaning
width, height Size of the clock face.
There is no surrounding margin for best arrangement

Java definition of time zone (see files in Java folder /zi. On my PC this is C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\zi)

The time zone file also defines the DST switching according to java.sun.com This data must be kept current by updating the Java runtime on the system of the browser!

information Please add this information for those looking at your HTML to find out where you got this wonderful clock from!

You may get the applet directly from this location.


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