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Documentation issues at D+DD

D+DD shares with you offsprings of its work in technical documentation. Related to this work are many fields, such as typography, structuring techniques, conversion problems etc.

Some papers by Klaus Daube

CPDS, Interpress and PostScript - A Comparison

This paper was issued at the SEAS Anniversary Meeting 1986 in Jersey. At that ime the development of cheap highly functional laser printers and raster image processors stimulated interest in languages for interfacing to these devices. This paper compares CPDS from IBM, Interpress from Xerox and PostScript from Adobe. Areas covered are design goal, functionality, coding (data representation) and font metrics.

How to ease translation of text and programs

Multilingual applications need more design and planning effort than uni-lingual ones. The paper describes some of the problems and solutions, both concerning text and graphics as well the aspects of programs. This talk summarises personal experience as well as general knowledge. (PDF, 96KB)
Session 3.4E at SHARE Europe Spring Meeting 1994 .


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