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Add item to Send To command

The Send To command is a shell extension of Windows since version 95 located in the Micrososft PowerToys suite.

After installation of this PowerToy you find (in Windows 2000) a directory such as C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\SendTo with the various entries.

I have renamed the installed entries to get a particular order. When renaming the special entries, only the part before the last dot (e.g. only !_Clipboard as Name must be renamed, but not the NameOnClipboard part. The latter part specifies the nature of the entry.

Entry in the directory ...\SendTo Nature and purpose
!_Clipboard as Name.NameOnClipboard special entry
Printer_as_PostScript.lnk Shortcut to a DOS batch file
Removable_Floppy(A).lnk Shortcut to a file (drive)
Removable_Zip(J).lnk Shortcut to a file (drive)
z_Clipboard as Contents.ContentsOnClipboard Special entry
z_Command Line.CommandLine.CommandLine Special entry

I have removed the following installed entries (copied them to another place for probable later use):

Entry in the directory ...\SendTo Nature and purpose
Desktop (create shortcut).DeskLink special entry
Mail Recipient.MAPIMail special entry
Pegasus Mail.LNK Shortcut to a program

Add a DOS command to the entries

The shortcut Printer_as_PostScript.lnk points to file H:\Utilities\DDD_made\ps2printer.bat. This batch file simply contains the DOS copy command to my PostScript printer which is on LPT1:

copy %1 LPT1:

Of course You may set up any complicated batch file. It gets, however, only one parameter which is the selected file (complete path) when right clicking in the File Explorer and then selecting the SendTo item in the context menu.

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