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Invoking Windows File Explorer

Windows Explorer can be invoked (called, started) with parameters to get a specific view.


explorer [/n] [/e,] [/root,object,][[/select],sub-object,]

Strangely enough a final comma is required (at least in some cases – not known in which ones)!


/n Opens a window in single-paned (My-computer) view for each selected item, even if the new window duplicated a window that is already open. This is the default view.
/e Uses Windows Explorer view, which is most similar to File Manager view (Windows 3.x).
/root,object Specifies the root level of the specified view. Default is to use the normal namespace root (desktop = my computer), whatever is specified for the root for the display.
/select If /select is used, the parent folder is opened and the specified object is selected.


Display (explorer mode) drive D only Explorer.exe /e, /root, d:\
Display (explorer mode) the start menu programs Explorer.exe /e, /root, "f:\Win_95\Start Menu\Programs"
Diplay (single paned view) the c:windows folder and select calc.exe Explorer.exe /select,c:\windows\calc.exe
Display single pane view with drive m selected Explorer.exe /e, /select, "m:\"


Source: [MSKB, Q130510 26-apr-96]


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