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KLD - Work at Delta Software Technology

I became employed at Delta early in 1992 as manager of documentation, first responsible for 3 colleagues (translator, technical writers) at Schwerzenbach, CH. Later I became responsible for the documentation also in Germany (Kaarst), Nantes and Paris (France) – but only for advising and supervising. Work done included:

Delta Software Technology AG

Delta Software Technology AG was founded around 1970 by Dr. Reinhold Thurner, who developed the Delta COBOL Generator. The company (in those days named SODECON) grew well and added more tools thus creating a CASE tools set.

After significant growth of the company Thurner sold most of the shares. At the beginning of 1991 IBSI (located in Paris), became very interested in these shares. IBSI was welcome, because they were developing "upper CASE" tools, while the Delta tools were "lower CASE" tools. But not all mergers develop into the expected direction. In this case IBSI CASE Development (ICD) ceased to exist mid 1994.

The German branch (Delta Software Technology GmbH) took lead in further development of the CASE tools. Since 2022 also Swiss customers are served by them..


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