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KLD - Work at Oerlikon Bührle Computing Centre

I was ported from the Oerlikon Bührle Machine Tool Works (WO) to the OBRZ – I did not need to look for a new job myself. I managed a very dedicated team of three to four people. The following list of tasks is more or less in chronological order: During the time of OBRZ I was very active in SHARE Europe, a user group of large IBM users.

Oerlikon Bührle Computing Centre

OBRZ was founded in 1972 to provide information services for the companies of the Oerlikon Bührle Group. This included

From 1972 to 1981 every aspect of the company (storage, MIPs, staff count, throughput…) rose exponentially (staff count up to 115). From then key figures developed only linearly with about 20% growth every year – staff was decreased to 80 until 1983 and then stabilised on that level.

Staff was very stable – the turnover was below 1% per year! Nevertheless the company was nearly closed down (only 5 people left) and outsourced at the end of 1991 due to severe financial losses of the military activities of the Bührle Group (2.3 milliards CHF). The climate in OBRZ can be – for example – determined from my official badge which i had for the last five years of employement.


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