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KLD - Working philosophy

See also my text on professional working

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This is a necessary element for fruitful teamwork. I have demonstrated this capability in negotiations, presentation, educational courses and also as the leader of a group. Since this aspect of life is diminished in free lance work, electronic communication became a necessity.

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I like to develop concepts, to evaluate methods and procedures. Hence I do not feel very comfortable in a clergy position.

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The decay time of (technical) knowledge becomes shorter and shorter in technology. Hence permanent education is a must. I like to broaden my knowledge at conferences and seminars. Participating also means giving – not only taking. Sometimes I stress my budget with (to much) voluntary work.

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My experience covers long lasting projects as well as fast shots. Organisational skills as well as knowledge in and around information technology and documentation provide a good foundation to get results even with vague or fuzzy task descriptions. Planning and budgeting is common life as well as frequently starting afresh.

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Language isn't just a vehicle for communication. I like to explore language as a cultural heritage and to dig for the roots of language and script. My mother tongue is German – high German, as far as this can be true with more than 30 years living in Switzerland. English became a second home with the many relations collected with the work in SHARE Europe.

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Quality of work can only be reached if the goals are clearly defined and checks are established. Human work can never be absolutely error free. However, a reasonable relationship between effort and revenue always must be kept in mind.


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