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FrameMaker development - to version 15.0

Release date Version (FrameMaker 2017 edition)
Version (FrameMaker 2019 edition)
User interface
  • Automatic adaptation for high res monitors (Icons for tool bars are grey only). 3 sizes support high res monitors. Icons are completely reworked, some to be learned again.
  • Welcome screen is full window size and can be customised (HTML5).
  • Menu Special removed. Most items shuffled to new Menu Insert. Some ESC sequences do no moret reflect the menu shortcuts, because they were left as the were. All menu items now show the short cuts.
  • F7 () opens a panel to search for commands and execute them.
  • Settings from View (borders, text symbols etc.) menu have now session-level scope.
  • No initial bottom pods; all pods now show up on the right.
  • Progress bars (pdf creation, book update, saving) are more informative.
  • Tool bar icons and pod icons are coloured again (heavy intervention by KLD).
  • Searched menu commands now also contain the short cut information.
  • Welcome screen can be accessed via document tab or work space drop down list.
  • Files from "Recent files" list can be pinned to the top of the list.
  • New Windows based File dialogues (Open, Save As).
  • Additonal button on Welcome page to browse in an URL list.
Work space
  • A project manager has been added to organise assets of the project (DITA maps, book, image, generated files)
Documentation/ Help
  • chm-version is updated rarely after initial installation. this is used, if no internet-access is possible. Online html help and pdf are in sync.
OS specifics & fonts Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Either a 32-bit or 64-bit version can be installed (Windows 7, 8.1 and 10). Most libraries (dlls) updated to the newest level.
  • 64-bit version allows larger documents and huge images.
  • Installation is now very fast.
Document handling
  • MiniTOCs now automatically update at save/print
  • Character designer: completely reworked; styling icons replaced by labels
  • Background colour for Paragraph Box
Page layout
  • Paragraph designer: styling icons replaced by labels
Graphics, multimedia
  • Graphic tool bar redesigned with flyout items. Predefined linewidth have gone.
  • Image insertion: DPI settings are retained from the image itself.
  • Image import significantly accelerated (especially for jpg) and enhanced: image can adapt to frame or vice versa.
  • SVG import enhanced.
  • Transparency is supported now.
  • Image format WebP supported.
  • Additional measure pix(el) for raster images
  • Table designer: styling icons replaced by labels
Import, Review
  • JPG import much faster
Publish, Save
  • Search autocomplete for HTML5 output
  • Text search within SVG images in responsive HTML5 output
  • Support for DITA attributes in dynamic content filters
  • Dynamic Content Filters support for indexes
  • Manage styles from a single CSS file
  • Images and multimedia files management has been streamlined
  • New basic HTML output generation support
  • Layout of table of contents and index has been enhanced which makes them cleaner and more intuitive
  • Context-sensitive help support in DITA 1.3
  • New PDF engine using no interim PostScript file, supporting transparency and tagging for reflow as well as password protection and colour profiles for CMYK output. Control of marks and bleeds
    (initially buggy, OK since update 2).
  • Initial version saves pdf into a folder structure which confuses mayn users ➔ fixed in update 1.
  • Route via Distillier still exists (e.g. to support PDFmark).
  • PDF options moved to Publish panel
Hypertext -
  • Automatic spelling check waits until a word is complete
  • Farsi to Numeric (and reverse) command in Direction Toolbar.
  • German spelling check (for DE, A and CH) enhanced by Duden rules.
Variables, references
  • Variable names are now sorted in the pod (icons indicate type).

Utilities, maker.ini, scripting

  • DLL plugins will require new compilations for the 64-bit version.
  • Enhanced Packager (still not collecting files outside of document directory).
  • Additional entries in maker.ini (see Entries maker.ini and others).
  • Dialogues based on XHTML can both be modal and non-modal and can send messages to FM.
  • Console log is now a pod, has nearly unlimited capacity
CMS support
  • While working with a document repository in a CMS, the behavior of dependent document has been improved.
  • Enahnced integration of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)
  • SharePoint 2016 support
Structured FM, XML
  • Enhancements to the Attributes pod
  • Structure view can show or hide content
  • Cross reference dialog enhanced
  • The Element menu has been moved inside Edit menu; a lot of commands are added for more efficient working
  • Structured documents with a large number of nested cross-references open up much faster
  • Light Weight DITA (LwDITA), XSLT 3.0, SAXON 9.8.3 support.
  • RNG to EDD conversion with constraints.
  • DITA-OT 3.0 support.
  • Customise DITA templates for PDF output.
  • Faster XML file handling.
DITA, DocBook etc.
  • Working with the DITA Keyspace Manager dialog has been made easier with new features
  • More DITA maps
  • Additional S1000 support

Commercial issues

Seee Note

Full price en version: USD 999; EUR 1149 (+VAT)
Subscription (one year plan): USD 30; EUR 30/month
Update from FM-13: USD 399; EUR 459 (+VAT)
Update from FM-12: USD 599; EUR 689 (+VAT)

Full price en version: USD 999; EUR 1189 (+VAT)
Subscription (one year plan): USD 30; EUR 36/month
Update from FM-14: USD 399; EUR 630 (+VAT)
Update from FM-13: USD 599; EUR 689 (+VAT)

User community Adobe user forum; www.frameuser.com; www.frameuser.com
Adobe Downloads

Release:  2017-01-23: (TCS7 version) initial release
Update 1: 2017-04-25:
Update 2: 2017-06-19:
Update 3: 2017-11-21:
Update 4: 2018-03-15:
Update 5: 2018-06-10: (FrameMaker.exe only, relevant for W10 only to cope with bug in W10 April update 1803).

Release:  2018-08-22: (TCS8 version) initial release
Update 1: 2018-10-05:
Update 2: 2018-12-12:
Update 3: 2019-03-29:
Update 4: 2019-08-21:
Update 5: 2020-02-03:
Update 6: 2020-06-02:
Update 7: 2021-08-12: - withdrawn
Update 8: 2020-01-12:

Note: Euro values uncertain. They seem to change with conversion rate.

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