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FrameMaker development - to version 13.0

Release date Version
Version (FrameMaker 2015 edition)
User interface
  • Both large and/or coloured icons in tool bars, harmonised with those in panels, design crisper as before.
  • Panel to work with open files (full path visible).
  • Drop file into any open area (not just the title bar).
  • Quick catalogues (F8/F9 etc) now reliable and fast, closing panels supported; current selection in catalogue is highlighted.
  • New samples for unstructured mode and DITA.
  • Restore last session: all open files, focus restored, workspaces with panels, views etc.
  • At crash we get a chance to save the open documents!
  • Launch time nearly halved (not 'everything' is loaded).
  • Resizeable dialogues for Show/hide Conditional Text and Cross References; location of most dialogues are remembered 12.0.3.
  • Active item is highlighted in catalogue 12.0.3.
  • Many modal dialogues (pods) can now be resized and their size and location is remembered.
  • Visual indication of active pod.
  • Visual indication of condtitions in tables is enhanced.
  • Anchored frame in conditionised paragraph is indicated by coloured frame.
  • Quick catalogues are started faster; smart filter in the designers for the object names.
  • Choice of cursor movement (logical or visual) for RTL text.
  • Insert special markers for text direction (Left To Right, Right To Left).
  • Drag and drop to open file now also on pods - so nearly the whole application window is target.
  • About 90 bugs from previous version (FM-12) fixed.
  • Localisation: English, French, German, Japanese (nothing new, but mentioned here for the first time)
  • XML Author is a flavour of the interface, just as Structured FrameMaker is.
Documentation/ Help
  • HTML Help with access to community help and PDF
  • MIF and FDK documents updated (2015-01).
  • A reviewers guide (100 MB PDF) contains many short videos demonstrating the use of new functions.
  • Offline Help Viewer (CHM) claimed to provide context sensitive information 12.0.2.
  • Restructured user guide (feature oriented → task oriented) 12.0.3
  • Helpful tips depening on context (bottom right) point to new features.
OS specifics & fonts Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8.1. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 1013.0.1
Document handling
  • Find/replace with regular expression support (3 flavours: PERL, EGREP, GREFP) to search in body text, footnotes, markers, variables, etc.
  • Handling of multiple conditions greatly enhanced (check box mechanism, complex expression with full parentheses support in an expression builder).
Typography Character property Background colour enhanced, option to specify paragraph box (no margins!).  
Page layout -
  • Right to Left (LTR) language support (Hebrew, Arabic) including verious new numbering formats (Indic, Hebrew, Abjad, Alif Ba Ta).
  • Direction in document can be flipped easily (after translation).
  • Default direction (for objects such as paragraphs or tables) is inherited from the document.
  • Each text flow may have its own direction.
  • Individual objects (table, graphic) may have irregular direction.
  • Standard layout engine and Asian layout engine (better support of alignment). The latter is automatically choosen for double-byte encoding of the thext.
Graphics, multimedia
  • Insert and manage QR codes of various types (URL, SMS, phone call, …).
  • Re-design of colour-definition dialogue.
  • Enhanced dialogue Insert Table.
  • Navigate tables with arrow keys.
  • Direct access to table variables.
  • Aalternative way to add row below last; drag-and-drop rows and columns 12.0.3.
  • Conditionalised columns.
  • Table insert dialogue: added table continuation variables.
  • Setting of continuation variables for all tables of specific format.
  • Solid fill in table shading (replacing the patterns in display).
  • More table styles as samples.
Import, Review
  • Import of PDF comments into FM even during furhter change of FM document (Can change the relative position of the paragraph or change the text around the commented portion).
  • Review (comments) supported on mobile devices with Adobe Reader.
  • Word import: Word-styles (para, char, table) can be mapped to FM-styles.
  • Optionally retain Word inline formatting. Other options available.
  • Save and re-use the settings file.
Publish, Save
  • Save As allows to previous versions FM-11 MIF-7.
  • Packager to collect all related files in ZIP.
  • DropBox integration ("access to the content on-the-go and collaboration with both internal & external reviewers").
  • Multiple output for various devices (native: PDF, HTML5, HTML, Amazon Kindle; with RoboHelp: ePub, MS WebHelp).
  • FrameMaker Publishing Server is now a web service.
  • Save As allows to previous versions FM-12 MIF-7.
  • Multi device publishing of RTL content: PDF, HTML, Responsive HTML5, ePub, MS WebHelp - with browse sequences13.0.1, Amazon Kindle.
  • Native creation of ePub, MS WebHelp.
  • Responsive HTML5: customising layout components; topic heading in search; frameless output; support Social Media widgets; show/hide components (TOC etc.); configure media boundaries for different screens; flip layout for RTL.
  • Output for mobile devices supported by PhoneGap:Build (for iOS, Android).
  • Personalised content dynamically generated.
  • Mobile apps can be downloaded (from PhoneGap site) by QR code.
  • Publish content with Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS)13.0.1
Hypertext - -
Language -

Bi-directional (bidi) support and spell checking for Arabic and Hebrew.
Thai and Farsi (bidi)13.0.1

Variables, references Direct access to table variabes 12.0.3. -
Book operations; generated files -
  • Mixed books (both LTR and RTL chapters).
  • TOC and IX can be LTR or RTL.
  • MiniToc for document with definitions on Reference Page,
    also on book level13.0.1
  • Conditional text at book level.
  • Track text edit operations at book level.
Utilities, maker.ini Additional entries in maker.ini (see Entries maker.ini and others).  
Formulas In XML formulas are handled by third party plugin (Design Science MathFlow™ Editor), fully supports MathML.
  • Inline MathML now supported.
  • Paragraph properties can be transferred to the formula.
  • Output is now searchable eps (not png).
  • FDK API can now extract copied gaphics to a specific folder 12.0.3.
  • Great number of bugs fixed 12.0.3.
CMS support
  • CMS support within FM enhanced (check out/in, search, tree view of CMS repository as book window).
  • CQ5 added as supported CMS (and any other WEBDAV enabled CMS).
  • Custom attribute support for Documentum and Sharepoint.
  • Claim-based authentication for SharePoint 12.0.3.
  • Dita Exchange (by Content Technologies) added.
  • Improved performance of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager 6.1) conncetor.
Structured FM, XML
  • XML Author is stand-alone product or facette in full FM: Multiple authoring views – WYSIWYG, Author and XML code view. Some restrictions apply (no formatting, no EDD, no RW-rules, no publishing).
  • MathML (through MathFlow™ Editor), XSLT and XPath support.
  • Quick Element Insertion tool bar for casual authors.
  • XML support enhanced (less cluttered, …); pre/post XLST processing on level XSL 2.0; performance of XML open encreased.
  • Smart paste automatically converts formatting to elements and attributes.
  • Structure view enhanced with drag-and-drop, expand/collapse siblings and child elements/attributes, enhanced navigation 12.0.3.
  • Structure view enhancements: highlight node; indicate valid/invalid drop; drag/drop into empty element; expand element by holding; locate element in structured view; expand/collapse child and sibling.
  • Direction attribute in EDD to support RTL languages
  • Simplified xml authoring for SMEs / casual contributors by means of input templates. These templates can be customised / set up individually. It also supports DITA 1.3 topics13.0.1.
  • Quick elements insertion tool bar enhanced (image, list, code block etc.).
  • Authoring enhancements (e.g. Guidance on when an object needs to be inserted before a user can type; Convert bulleted to numbered lists and vice versa).
  • EDD update much faster.
  • Default XSLT processor is SAXON, supporting XSLT
DITA, DocBook etc.
  • DITA contents can be published to PDF, XHTML, HTML/CHM by means of DITA-OT.
  • Preview DITAMAP content without leaving doc view.
  • Partial Dita 1.3 support (new topic types troubleshooting, new maps learningObjectMap, learningGroupMap).
  • Publish flat DITA books
Commercial issues

Full price en version: USD 999; EUR 1149 (+VAT)
Subscription (one year plan): USD/EUR 30/month
Update from FM-11: USD 399; EUR 459 (+VAT)
Update from FM-10: USD 599; EUR 689 (+VAT)
XML Author full price en: USD 399. See Note

Product name is FrameMaker 2015 (to be in line with other Adobe products)
Full price en version: USD 999
Subscription (one year plan): USD/EUR 30/month
Update from FM-12: USD 399; EUR 399 (+VAT)
Update from FM-11: USD 599; EUR 599 (+VAT)

User community Adobe user forum; www.frameuser.com; www.frameuser.com
Adobe Downloads

Release:  2014-01-14: (TCS5 version)
Update 1: 2014-02-13:
Update 2: 2014-05-09:
Update 3: 2014-09-25:
Update 4: 2015-02-04:

Release:  2015-06-02: (TCS6 version)
Update 1: 2015-07-26: - Windows 10 ready
Update 2: 2015-11-24: - Some enhancements, Bug fixes
Update 3: 2016-04-20: - Some enhancements, Bug fixes
Update 4: 2016-09-30: - Some enhancements, Bug fixes

Note: The price was considered to high (100.- expected for this type of product). Therefore it was discontinued.

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