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FrameMaker development - to version 9.0

Release date Version 8.0 (8p236)
Version 9.0 (9p196 - demo version)
User interface General appearance of dialogues not changed, object names in Unicode; Open documents can be accessed by tabs; icons on toolbar and palettes modernised. UI localisation and documentation in English, French, German and Japanese.

Designed for 1024x768 pix screens
Welcome screen with standard tasks (can not be skipped)
UI reworked in many aspects (adapted to other Adobe products). Dockable toolbars (buttons coloured only if hovered over). Frequently used dialogs changed to 'pods' (dockable palettes). Some fields in the dialogs enlarged. Tabbed documents can be rearranged or converted to floating windows. Interface setup can be stored as workspace (some predefined).
Preferences for UI and criteria for location of elements in the bottom pod (e.g. where does a cross reference belong to)

Documentation/ Help Printed book not included in delivery (also in the future). Compiled HTML-WinHelp (.chm) Offline version PDF (Usere Guide) in Acrobat 9 due to some animations; online version in Air. Printed book to be ordered separately.
OS specifics & fonts Windows 2000, XP and Vista™; Sun Solaris™ 8, 9, or 10. Installation requires activation Windows XP and Vista only (no more Unix)
Document handling Edit tracking (highlicht, accept and reject changes).
Handling of text coditions enhanced with logical operations.
Variables, markers, cross references, insets (referenced files) and conditions are available in a permanent list. (bottom pod). Instant jump to a page or line by number; first & last page. "Go to Insertion Point" after scrolling etc. eases navigation.
Typography Unicode support for left-to-right scripts. Virtual font usage from FM-7 and before are converted. Virtual fonts are not recognised any more
Page layout Conditional output enhanced (condition tags with boolean expressions, better colouring of variants)  
Graphics 9 additional standard colours; buttons in graphic palette rearranged

Referenced graphics in list of bottom pod; tools palette can be arranged vertically or horizontally. Buttons rearranged.

CMYK support

Import Word 2007, Excel 2007, 3D (U3D) Acrobat, Flash animations, simulations created by Captivate. Comments from tagged PDF
Export, Save PDF can contain rich media (3D, Flash) - Windows only; PDF bookmarks are UNICODE capable. Save to PDF uses the CMYK colour model by default.
Language Spell check and hyphenation added for Baltic (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian), CE-languages (Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Rumanian, Slovak, Slovenian) as well as Greek, Russian and Turkish; Index sorts not correct in all respects (table needs to be adapted as before) totalling 24 languages/variants.  
Variables, references   System variables for sections and subsections added; all variables listed in bottom pod
Book operations; generated files  

Book window is a pod to the left. Books can contain folders and sections, even books or non-FM documents. Items can be excluded from publication (print, PDF gen.)

Utilities FrameMaker 8 no longer includes WebWorks Publisher from Quadralay

Installation option for RoboScreenCapture.
Unicode character palette, hex input palette (awful design)

Formulas - -
Other   WebDAV support extended (IPv6 URLs)
Structured FM, XML
  • Round trip XML enhanced (comments, variables, conditional text, web-based graphics preserved)
  • XML schemes (alternative to DTD) have been enhanced
  • XSLt script support for automatic translation between XML and FM on open/save
  • Attribute based output control
  • Element formatting import from CSS file
  • Conversion tables to support migration from unstructuctured to structured content
  • Dockable user interface for editing and managing DITA maps and bookmaps
  • Enhanced support for <xref> and <conref> elements, including support for nontextual elements
  • Conditional processing through a DITAVAL file to create custom outputs.
  • Enhanced support for relationship tables and <lockTitle> attributes.
  • DITA indexing specialization, which allows for Index, See, and See Also entries.
  • Save a DITA map as a composite FrameMaker document for further processing.
DITA, DocBook Prebuilt DITA application included Full support of DITA 1.1
Commercial issues

full price en version: USD 899, EUR 1'188
update en version: USD 299, EUR 415
(that is, Europeans pay about 1.9 the price for US residents)

full price en version: USD 999, EUR 1367 (excl. VAT)
update en version: USD 399, EUR 495 (excl. VAT)
(with a USD/EUR ratio of about 0.75 (feb 2009) Europeans pay about 1.9 the price for US residents).
User community Adobe user forum; www.frameuser.com; www.frameuser.com
Adobe Downloads

Release:  2008-07-20:
Update 1: 2007-12-17:
Update 2: 2008-02-06:
Update 3: 2008-00-00: 8.0.3 had erros, hence skipped
Update 4: 2008-06-18:
Update 5: 2009-07-15: FM-8 with Windows XP SP3 fix.

Release:  2009-01-19:
Update 1: 2009-03-17:
Update 1: 2009-05-05:
Update 1: 2009-09-17:
Update 1: 2010-06-30:

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