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FrameMaker development - to version 7.2

Release date Version 7.0
Version 7.1
2003 4Q
Version 7.2
User interface Combination of FM standard and +SGML
HTML with JS-support; small enhancements in dialogues
Select/deselect All for format im-port;
  Multiple undo for many operations; still little space in input fields
Documentation/ Help Help is now HTML with JavaScript   Extensive migration guide unstructured to structured FM
OS specifics & fonts Typical Win installation 125 MB on disk;
last Mac release (System 9) !
Additional fonts; improved font management (UX)  
Document handling FrameMaker server (WebDAV) for print and PDF publishing (e.g. catalogue publishing)    
Typography More fonts (+Open Type) in UNIX; Limited UniCode support for XML import/export   Patch 7.2p158 enables two additional codepoints (z-acute and t-caron) to ease handling of central Eurpean languages.
Page layout Automatic assignment of master pages; re-arrange master pages    
Graphics SVG (rastered for printing and for PDF); text description for anchored frames (alternate text) Resize relative to original size; SVG treated as vector  
Import PDF 1.4, Illustrator 9/10; Word/Excel import enhanced PDF 1.5; JPEG 2000; RTF 1.6; MS Office up to XP; Quark ExpressW; PageMakerW  
Export, Save Save as version 6 document; Save As PDF now works correctly; more document information for PDF, tagged PDF Enabled for Acrobat 6.
Standard PDF 1.5 support; Distiller 6 included
Variables, references +8 (=12) Running H/F; additional formatting for date/time variables    
Book operations; generated files Book operations more user friendly;    
Other Doc info stored in XMP (extensible meta data platform); more templates More examples and templates  
Structured FM, XML XML based on SGML information XML round trip support for Unicode chars with special markers; name spaces; CSS export; Conditional text supported XSL pre- and post-processing. In addition to processing content with read/write rules, you can supply XSL transformations that process your XML files during import or export.

Use a conversion rules table to structure an existing sample document and create a first draft of the EDD that contains basic element definitions and formatting that matches your unstructured template.

Starter application of DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) provided.

Commercial issues There are no promotion activities for FrameMaker at Adobe since about 2000. R/D is now performed in India by about 25 people (2002-11)  
User community 2005-01: about 7700 members on www.frameuser.com and an unknown number of watchers of this list. The number of members on www.frame-user.de currently is: ???
Adobe Downloads
Release:  2002-05-05: 7.0.0.xxx
Update 1: 2003-04-25:
Update 2: 2005-03-17:
Release:  2003-12-15:
Update 1: 2005-03-17:
Release:  2005-10-12:
Update 1: 2005-12-02:
Update 2: 2006-04-10:

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