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FrameMaker development - until version 3.0

Release date Version 1.11b
1986 ?
Version 1.3

Version 2.0
and 2.1
Version 3.0

1992 1/2 Quarter
User interface [4] File path to be typed in (open, save, import) X-Window support. File selection lists. Remember last directory Localised: de, fr
Macintosh version available in May 1990)
Version 2.1: Localised version for Japan
Menu structure changed. 'Page' menu folded into 'Format'.
Windows 3.11 version probably available 1992
Documentation/ Help About 100 pages 8.5 x 11" [1]   Manual more comprehensive, size 7.5x9.5". Additional short guides on MIF, MML and early FDK Additional information in supplements (tables, cond. text).
2.5" thick book listing all 3rd party products "Frame Connections"
OS specifics & fonts UNIX version only (Sun Sparc, Apollo Domain)
MIF file handling right from the beginning ???
File selection dialog added to all fields requesting a file name Version 2.1 ??? ported to Macintosh (no screen capture, macros, context menus);
Version 2.1 running X Window and OS/Motif on Apllo, DEC, HP, IBM, SUN and NEXT

NeXt version discontinued
1992-06: Windows (3.x) version in store.

"Version for Windows NT is planned for launch later 1992"

Document handling Spell checking for few languages; change bars   Search includes all object types.
Version 2.1: Eur. paper sizes and metric measures
Conditional text introduced
Typography ¶-designer has only 1 'page' of properties   ¶-designer with several 'pages'; Character styles introduced  
Page layout One masterpage per document (page 0). 1-line header and 1-line footer; mirror for R/L   Multiple masterpages. Text frames to define header and footer. Reference pages (boiler plate elements, definitions for TOC etc.) 'Text Rectangles' became 'Text Columns' (later: text frames)
Graphics / colour Graphic capabilities (except text frame). Rotate in 90 steps   Rotated text in 90 increments, graphics in any angle. Spot colour introduced [3] Break each text line in a column into separate text frame (pseudo run-around). Basic colour for objects.
Process colour using Open Prepress Interface
Tables       Tables introduced, full set of functions
Import / Export Basic import filters
Print, print to PDF
  Version 2.0: Import filters for some text formats
Version 2.1: Filtrix filters for 25 formats
MML import [softline.com]; filters added for DCA, CGM, CCITT-G4, IGES, HPGL, DXF and Calcomp 960
Hypertext       Hypertext commands introduced
1993-01: HyperGen [3] makes TOC, IX and X-refs live
Language     Language is ¶-property; dicitionaries for 4 languages.
Version 2.1: now 11 language dictionaries (spell, hyphenation)
International hyphenation and spelling support
Variables, references System variables, user defined variables   Cross references introduced. Character properties in variables  
Book operations; generated files Special text file in MIF syntax to define contents of book; run in batch mode with fmbook. Probably only TOC and index available.   Dialogues for book building and generated lists Batch book building
More types of generated lists
Utilities fmbook, fmbatch
FrameReader, FrameViewer ???
  No utilities on Macintosh No utilities on Windows
Formulas     Equations Editor based on Milo introduced Typography enhanced
SGML       1992-Q4:
FrameBuilder (SUN) = FrameMaker + SGML [2]
Commercial issues DECwrite is based on FM 1.0 [Pospectus 1992–02]   1991-01: European sales are 17% of revenue
1990-02: >14000 licences worldwide; price of UX versions USD 2500.–
Mac version: USD 995.-
Win version: USD 795.-
FrameBuilder: USD 1995.– on SUN.
1992–08: 60% revenue encrease in Q2 most likely due to Windows version
1992–02 [prospectus]: > 50'000 licenses; Int. sales steady on 14–17% revenue


[1] From e-mail conversation with Martha J Davidson: a very clear description of what the program was for, how it worked, and how to use all of its features.

[2] Based on Exoterica XGML Engine, licenced already in 1989.

[3] Sources consider the functions as powerful as SunDraw of those days.

[4] Keyboard 'shortcuts' for nearly every task available. When was this introduced ???

[5] The first publically known version of FrameMaker

[6] HyperGen was a product of Frank Stearns Associtates. See FSA oldies.

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