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Modified Equation Palette for FrameMaker 8 … 11 and 12 …

Why a modified equations palette?
Inside the palette
Download and installation


"Standard" in this text refers to the Equations palette as installed with FrameMaker.

Note: The Enhanced Tool Bars (ETB) available for FM-7.2/8, FM-9…11, FM-12, FM-13, FM-14/15 also installs this enlarged Equation Palette. If You have an ETB version installed, You do not need the installation from here.

[To top/bottom of page] Why a modified equations palette?

Since the introduction of the Equations palette (FM-2, 1989) the size of the palette has not changed although screens became larger and denser. Hence the labels on the buttons became less and less readable. With the advent of high resolution displays this became even more a drawback. FrameMaker 12 and 13 support two sizes of tool bar icons, from FM 14 onwards three sizes are supported. The modified Equations Palette is provided in 3 sizes to serve these environments.

Standard palette Modified palette
Standard FM equation palette Enlarged equation palette with crisp labels
  • Small size (480 pix wide)
  • Labels are images, hence of limited resolution
  • Faint buttons (nonstandard colour)
  • => limited legibility
  • 25% larger appearance
  • Crisp labels (using fonts which are rendered by the OS)
  • Standard colour on buttons
  • Link to this page as last item in menu Equations
  • => better legibility
  FM 8 … 11 FM 12, 13 FM 14 …
Width in pixels for 100% 600 600 600
Width in pixels for 150% - 900 900
Width in pixels for 200% - - 1200

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For the work on the palette I just used the locking mechanism and 'Save as View Only'. I have not used the special MIF commands. However, the following must be observed:

Since text elements are editable (after moving them to the foreground) it was quite easy to derive the German and french versions from the English version. I used the terminology from earlier FM versions (nothing has changed in this area for more than ten years).

Body pages

The size has been increased to about 125%. The page size is now 20.5 × 5.4 cm. The button images are 578 × 151 pixels, centred on the page.

To get a crisp appearance, character styles (to assign fonts) for texts and button images are used. On the reference pages paragraph styles are used also. The more complicated button labels use real "large equations". Due to these mechanisms the palette is about 2.5 MB compared to 0.3 MB of the standard palette.

Body page

Specific master pages

The names of the master pages correspond to the section names of the palette. The master pages contain only the image of the empty buttons. The picture shows the master page Symbols.

Masterpage Symbols

Button background must be RGB 198 to avoid "bleaching out" in palette display.

Information on reference pages

Reference page

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[To top/bottom of page] Download and installation

  1. FrameMaker may be open. However the Equations palette must not be open.
  2. Rename the file \fminit\equation to equation-standard to keep it in case of problems.
  3. Download the appropriate new file (FM-version, UI-language) from this table:
    FM- Version English Deutsch Français
    8 equation-08-en equation-08-de equation-08-fr
    9 equation-09-en equation-09-de equation-09-fr
    10 equation-10-en equation-10-de equation-10-fr
    11 equation-11-en equation-11-de equation-11-fr
    The required file for FM 12 and 13 depends on the Preferences in FM for the size of Toolbar icons.
    For FM-14 onwards all screen items are scaled according to the Windows scale factor. Hence You will need the larger sizes only in rare cases.
    FM- Version English Deutsch Français
    12, 13 equation-en-100
    14 … equation-en-100
  4. Copy the new file to the directory \fminit and rename it to equation
    Please note that there is no file extension - and yes, it must be lower case.
  5. Open FrameMaker if not already open and issue Special > Equation…


[To top/bottom of page] Deinstallation

To get your original installation, you only need the following steps:

  1. Close FrameMaker
  2. Delete the file \fminit\equation
  3. Rename the file \fminit\equation-standard to equation
  4. Open FrameMaker
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