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Materials for FrameMaker users and learners

General documents

FM-version Compendium about FrameMaker, unstructured interface. This document evolved over the years form the courses at the ETH (1999 - 2007). The newest version is updated and hence a living document. Crash course material: 1 page per topic, 25 pages – german, english
FM 9     cc–fm–9–de.pdf; cc–fm–9–en.pdf 2010–02–11
FM 8.0

handout–fm80.pdf (400 p)

2011-08-02 cc–fm–8–de.pdf; cc–fm–8–en.pdf 2010–02–11
FM 7.2 handout–fm70.pdf (320 p) 2007–06–22 cc–fm–7–de.pdf; cc–fm–7–en.pdf 2010–02–11
FM 6.0 handout–fm60.pdf (250 p) 2002–04–25    
FM 5.5 handout–fm55.pdf (200 p) 2000–07–06    

Miscellaneous documents

File name Description Update          Size
autonumbering.pdf Autonumbering - tutorial by Ann Zdunczyk 2005-04 0.2 MB
cross-media-fm-template.zip Dateien zum thema (mehrere FM-bücher). Copyright itl 2002-02 0.5 MB
ddd-template.zip FM template as used as a base at D+DD 2001-12 0.2 MB
exercises-input.zip Input for the exercises for the FrameMaker courses 2006-11 4.0 MB
exercises-output.zip Output (results) of the exercises for the FramMaker courses 2006-11 5.3 MB
fit10.pdf Unterlagen von den 10. Frame Informations Tagen (fit) in München:
Templates, Tools und Plugins, Diskussionsrunde, Über die Site www.frame-user.de
2002-02 7.5 MB
formulas.pdf Excerpt from the course handout Chapter 12: Formulas (equations) 2004-08 0.5 MB
fm-in-macclassic.pdf FrameMaker 6 and 7 in Mac Classic environment. Hints and tips from Paul Findon - the initator of the petition "Adobe FrameMaker for Mac OS X" 2005-05 0.1 MB
fm-tips.pdf Excerpt from the course handout Appendix A: Hints and tips 2007-01-31 1.0 MB
word-import.zip Example (FM, Word) how to import Word files 2004-11 0.3 MB


File name Description Update          Size
fm+en.zip Utility FM+EN for automatic control of FrameMaker, EndNote 8…X and MS Word to create a bibliography in FM Version 3.0 . See details here. 2008-09-23 2.0 MB
fm+en-docu.pdf The documentation file from the above ZIP 2006-10-25 1.0 MB

Schlomo Perets' toolbar. The current version 4.0 (2005-12) costs USD 25.- and includes many additions, in particular context menu enhancements. See www.microtype.com.
Read CustomFMWin.pdf for installation and usage.

2003-01-10 1.5 MB
archive.zip (version for FM7 only)

Archive is a shareware plugin for FrameMaker that copies a book to an archive directory and gathers all documents, referenced graphics, and text insets for that book into the archive directory. All references in the archived book are relative and point to documents, graphics, and text insets under the archive directory. Archive does not change references to documents that are not part of the book, and these references can be absolute.
Read Archive.txt for installation and usage.

2003-04-29 40 KB
EndNote5Win_ETH.zip EndNote for Windows, version 5, Licence for ETH only 2004-08 22 MB

FrameMaker 7.1b023 as it is installed in the course room. This is not an installation file!
To install FM 7.1 with this file on your computer, you need to:

  1. Unzip this file into a directory (e.g. xxx\fm71en\)
  2. Doubleclick on FrameMaker.exe for the first execution of FM
  3. This will fill the Registry with the appropriate data for further just double clicking on *.fm files to open them in FM.
  4. After the start of FM you are requested to specify the user interface: choose FrameMaker.
2006-09 123 MB

Utility to overcome the umlaut problem in EndNote 5. See the documentation in endnote5.pdf, which is also included in the ZIP file.

To install the utility: Unzip and copy the files to any directory. fm2endnote.exe needs a component of the Inter Explorer (> 5.0) as user interface. Hence this must be installed.

2004-09 1.4 MB

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