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General terms and conditions

Keep in mind: this was my business - I'm retired since quite a while

If no special conditions ere negotiated between D+DD and the customer, the following was assumed. Please note that the information provided here is not legal matter.

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Included activities

Excluded activities

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The following expenses are not included in the projects flat rate and will be accounted separately:

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Large projects cause less overhead – if they utilise the work force accordingly.

Utilisation is negotiated between D+DD and the customer. Utilisation can not be higher than the Maximum Accountable Time at D+DD (currently 120h/month).

Reduced utilisation by the customer (for example, software to be documented is not ready) reduces the level of rebate in the pertinent accounting period (month). Only the final invoice (not the à conto invoices) account for this situation.

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Sporadic work causes administrative overhead. After 3 months of idle time within a project or between the projects of a client the initial project fee is due. Closing date is the date of the last invoice.

Example: 14 weeks after the work on a manual has been closed the client requests an update of the manual. The idle time was larger than 3 months, hence the initial project fee is due again.

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The following situations interrupt the project contract:

In these cases negotiations with the customer are initiated to find a solution for both parties (e.g. hand over the project to another service provider).

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For working under subcontract (D+DD being a mandate) special conditions apply.

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Rates of D+DD are based on the guidelines of the Swiss Associciation of Engineers and Architects (SIA Honorarordnung 102) 2001. They allow for +/- 15% variation accounting for regional differeces, duration of contract, responsibility etc. The medium rate in this table is CHF 150.-/h.

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  1. D+DD regularly warns its customers not to use MS Word for technical documentation. If the customer insists in using this tool, D+DD reserves the right to terminate the contract.


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