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This section provides some offsprings of the documentation work done at D+DD, such as: FrameMaker specials; a glossary of terms related to documentation and typography etc.
If you find my work helpful for your work, think about supporting my work.
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In good web tradition Klaus Daube shares with you information of general interest, not only related to technical documentation, but to my work in general:
National Language White Paper of an international user group; Comments on our favourite Windows utilites; other findings, ideas, macros, programs and documents
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  Klaus Daube
Prof. working
Sprache und rechtschreibung
Gags and gifts
Opinions of Klaus Daube, the person behind this site:
Personal record; publications;
Elements of professional working
The use of language (in Switzerland) etc.
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Allgemeine information
Docu + Design Daube (D+DD) befasste sich mit allen aspekten technischer dokumentation: Aufbau, sprache, gliederung, effiziente vermittlung der information, darstellung, vervielfältigung und verbreitung.
Docu + Design Daube (D+DD) dealt with all aspects of technical documentation: Set-up, language, structure, efficient handling of information, layout, formatting, copy and distribution.

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