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Unemployment in Switzerland (1990 - present)

Diagram 1936 - 2007
Remark concerning the statistical data
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After Second World War Switzerland had absolutely no experience with unemployement until about 1990:

When for the first time things changed from an unemployment-rate of about 0.1% to about 1% at the end of the 1980ies Swiss officials had no idea how to cope with this situation. The unemployment insurance had accumulated some money, but it could be foreseen that this will be used up soon (also with this low rate). As a first measure both employees and employers had to pay 0.3% into this insurance (before 1991 it was 0.1% of ones salary!). Later this rate was increased to 3%.

I am not the person to report many details here, but the effects for the unemployed people were quite bad (at least until 1995, when the officials thought the nightmare was over):

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Daigram Unemployment in Switzerland starting 1990

Data source: Unfortunately such a diagram is not available from 'official' sources. Only the data tables can be found at the Indicate German SECO (1994 and younger) and at Indicate German www.amstat.ch.

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The vertical scale is the same as in the diagram above. The horizontal scale is broken at 1970 (no data available) which changes the sequence of labels.

Data Source: Excel file from the Swiss Buro of Statistics.

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As a Indicate German comment in the street-magazine Surprise points out, the data do not reflect the real situation of unumployed peple. Counted are onl those people who are registered at a RAV (Regionalen Arbeitsvermittlungszentren = reagional centre for mediating an employment). Not included in the figures are these people:

Hence the statistical data reflect only those poeple who are "not working and are searching employment". Looking at the figures of march 2015 reveals: 2004'266 peple were searching employment and 145108 people where out of work. Thus 59'158 people are not reflected in the statistics – a mere 30 percent!

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